3 thoughts on “Amazon Seller Account Closed. No Warning, No Details.

  1. Hi! I’m going through the same situation right now, i have noticed you are able to sell again. What is the steps you took? No matter how much I email amazon, i get automated message, and it says next emails will be ignored.

      • This just happened to me! Well something very similar. I will admit that after reading your situation I don’t feel nearly as bad about mine. This is the third time I have been suspended from an online marketplace unfairly. I was doing over $20,000 monthly sales volume when they hit me this morning with the dreaded suspension email.

        I am in the process of the appeal trying to prepare proper recourse. I am shocked out how much volume you were doing when they just shut you down. I don’t think they have any regard for human beings. We are people, not slaves of the corporate giants.

        Have you purchased any books on the subject of getting back online?
        What merchandise were you selling?

        Get in touch,

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