32 thoughts on “Amazon Seller Account Closed. No Warning, No Details.

  1. Hi! I’m going through the same situation right now, i have noticed you are able to sell again. What is the steps you took? No matter how much I email amazon, i get automated message, and it says next emails will be ignored.

      • This just happened to me! Well something very similar. I will admit that after reading your situation I don’t feel nearly as bad about mine. This is the third time I have been suspended from an online marketplace unfairly. I was doing over $20,000 monthly sales volume when they hit me this morning with the dreaded suspension email.

        I am in the process of the appeal trying to prepare proper recourse. I am shocked out how much volume you were doing when they just shut you down. I don’t think they have any regard for human beings. We are people, not slaves of the corporate giants.

        Have you purchased any books on the subject of getting back online?
        What merchandise were you selling?

        Get in touch,

      • Some of the services I offer are getting back on Amazon undetected, Feedback, account Stealth management software, tax identity verification, and product reviews.

        Skype message: qdelectronics Email: pablo@axtron.com

        I look forward to hearing from you.,

  2. I find it funny actually.Im not sure who you are or if we spoken but you mentioned my name in your letter to amazon expecting that to help get your account back.You called people like me running services that help people shady ,when in fact the company that you were complaining to is the shadiest of all of us.Just realize it ,amazon doesn’t care about anybody but amazon .Same with any company that is too big.If you were smart you would of used one of these services by now to get back on amazon ,which i hope you did instead of believing you are too righteous to stoop to that

  3. This is truly despicable! I was shut down after receiving one, one star review. I had a 98% positive rating. I was a book seller. Granted, I did not produce the volume that you had, which makes it seem even more bazzar!

  4. Hello,
    My name is Victoria,
    i used FBA account Russian way on Amazon.com for 2 years. February 21th i was not able to log into my account and after contacting seller support i’ve received different messages from amazon:
    пятница, 21 февраля 2014 4:29 “address-verification@amazon.com” писал(а):

    Greetings from Amazon.com.
    This message is to inform you that we have closed your Amazon.com account.
    We have taken this action because we found this account to be related to previously closed accounts. In addition, all open orders have been cancelled.
    We are unable to discuss other accounts with you but please contact us should you have any other questions; we’d be glad to assist you.

    Account Specialist
    пятница, 21 февраля 2014 6:45 “seller-performance@amazon.com” писал(а):
    Hello from Amazon.
    We closed your account because we believe that you fulfilled Amazon orders with goods that were purchased from other retailers using stolen credit cards.
    Due to the proprietary nature of our business, we do not provide details on our investigation methods.
    If we determine that a seller account has been used to engage in fraud or other illegal activity, we may permanently withhold remittances and payments. In accordance with this policy, we do not plan to transfer any funds to you. (!!!)
    To learn more about this policy, please search “When will I be paid” in seller Help.
    Seller Performance Team
    пятница, 21 февраля 2014 22:45 “seller-performance@amazon.com” писал(а):

    Hello from Amazon.
    Thank you for writing. After a review of your account by an account specialist, we have decided not to reinstate your selling privileges.
    We regret we are unable to provide further information on this situation. Further correspondence regarding the closure of your selling account may not be answered.
    The closure of this account is a permanent action. Any subsequent accounts that are opened will be closed as well.
    Seller Performance Team
    As you could understand, different Amazon specialists have different legends of closing my account. I confirm to Amazon that i did not have and did not ever opened second account and provided to seller performance team copy of mine amd my husband passports and marriage certificate. They ignored my information. As of now, I have products stock on Phoenix FBA and funds in account, but as Seller performance team noted, Amazon do not plan transfer it to me! Amazon does not understand the reason for closing my account. Obviously, only for reason to do not transfer funds to me. This Amazon action is illegal. Amazon unsubstantiated accusations of addressed to me caused me deep moral harm.

  5. I would love to be contacted if a class action lawsuit is opened. I was recently banned from selling on Amazon because of a false accusation of selling a counterfeit movie. I provided proof of purchase and a letter from the source saying that I bought the movie from them. I had a near perfect seller score and 99% customer satisfaction at the time I was banned. I had been selling on Amazon for about 8 years.

  6. Hello,

    I know this happened 2 years ago. But you must still be feeling very bitter about this. I know I would be as I am in exactly the same situation right now. I am pretty much at a stuck in a rut and cannot find any advise anywhere at the moment. Amazon are not responding to any of our email requests or calls. It is very frustrating.

    Can I ask did you get your money back after the 90 days ?

    Kind Regards

  7. Have your seller privileges been restored? Do you have any updates on this? It just happened to us as well. I live in Utah. We have a program here called, “Get Gephardt”. They do exposés on this kind of thing. Our story isn’t nearly as devastating as yours but we cashed out our retirement and invested in products to be fulfilled by Amazon. Minutes after completing our first shipment to them, our account was suspended for the exact reason as yours. We too appealed and got the exact same auto-generated response from the seller support team who had “given careful consideration” to our appeal .

  8. This same thing has happened to my account! We have been faithful sellers on the Amazon Marketplace for three years. The moment we accrued significant income they placed a hold on our account. These are definitely unfair business practices. There should be a class-action filed against Amazon for their treatment of third-party sellers.

  9. Hi. I just signed up with a company to put my products on amazon. This certainly scares me to do it now. I have many category approvals but do not want to start if this happens. Did you ever get your account up again.. if so…how??

  10. Well….4 Million turnover within 8 month, 95% pos. feedback and all paramters had been green.
    We had been told we would sell articles which are different from listed article details.

    Some articles arrived damaged, some had been incomplete. 20-30 issues…towards 20.000 perfect ones. (FedEx did damage some, some had been incomplete ex work – we ordered and sold them as new)

    After 4 weeks and many “plan of actions” we did get a list of the ASINs which caused those issues. We blocked them for Amazon UK and explained that we will take more care about packaging to avoid damages on shipment.

    The final answer:
    We wont open you account, 140.000GBP are blocked for 90 days. We wont answer any messages.

    ===>>> thats the world customer friendliest company. But we are no customers. We are the idiots.

  11. Hi guys, sorry to hear that your accounts got banned by amazon. It happened to me a couple of months ago as well, no exact reason was given only a generic email as to why I was banned. It wasn’t fair but I guessed thats how it is since we are playing on amazon’s turf.

    I managed to get back on amazon after learning how to create a amazon ghost account. Here is the link to the course: https://www.kajabinext.com/marketplace/courses/2940-8-steps-to-creating-your-amazon-ghost-account

    Hopefully that will help. Good luck and all the best!

  12. I have exactly the same problem. Our account has been suspended for negative feedback for non delivered item and missing 1 of 3 items. On the top of this Amazon does fulfillment for us. So actually this is their fault and they received negative feedback not us. Even so, no explanation, reaction, and the last email that our account is linked to some already closed account that is a horrible lie. It is so dishonest I am frustrated I can’t even tell them they are incompetent idiots.

  13. I was just stabbed in the back by Amazon. I have been a customer for over 10 years, and out of the blue they shut down my buyer’s account. Their message mentioned only some vague accusations about “excessive returns.” I have emailed Bezos, filed a complaint with the BBB, and sent hundreds of emails to their CSI department. Anyone have any other ideas for how I can retaliate? Email is freethinker9@ol.com. I’m a confrontational person by nature, so I am willing to do anything legal to hurt them.

  14. Ok, you need to contact me . I will help you jump back in. I’m not charging anything, i just want to help guys like you . I’m tired of what they do. Contact me without waiting !

  15. The reason many people get these emails from amazon saying they may not sell are because they are not actual plans — what many people do instead is plead their case without giving any factual safeguards they have placed to correct and prevent the issue.

    If anyone would like help reinstating their account — please contact me at JoaquinLnu@gmail.com or HelpNow@happyamazonseller.com

    I do not mean for one second to redirect traffic from this blog – just want to make sure people are helped and get their accounts back up and running.

    To the author of this blog: if you would like – I can help you as well. Please contact me. 🙂

  16. 3 months ago they closed an account of a friend of mine. He also was signed in from my laptop once. Yesterday they also closed mine. But with no email from seller-performance. It just says my pass is wrong. But my listnings are gone. I had 100%on the last three months with 450 seller feedback, and selling about 50 products per day. I am devastated. Looks like they will never reinstate my account after what I read on the web. I even do not know how to act now. No email fron them…and no warning. No nothing. And if I were like you I would make a heart attack. What is wrong with these people. Even reisntated I would never base my trust in this phantom business called FBA. I am from Romania. I bought Amazing Selling Machine course in 2015. Gave them 6000$ to teach me some basic things. I went to China to looks for products..I went to Las Vegas to meet with other people selling on Amazon. I put my time and effort and money in this business. Now…withoit any warning they shut my account down. In Las Vegas we were more than 500 people in a big room on their ip or network so maybe we were all close related. My frined was shut down in june. This is complete non sense. Hope I can recover emotional. All I want is them to tell me why, before I can forget this small sh….t business. I am just so happy because I could have 20 products and selling 500000/months….and they would shut me down the same way. I am sure I would never recover from that experience.

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  18. This just happened to me last month. I know your post is a few years old but I’m wondering if you ever resolved this. My account was suspended and permanently blocked after appeal for “allegedly” selling counterfeit goods which I absolutely did not do. I sent them copies of every receipt and they gave me a similar generic, cut-and-paste response every time I emailed. I was doing $30,000 a month in sales; FBA and merchant fulfilled. I did a removal order and they didn’t return all of my items that supposedly were shipped back to me. Feeling pretty helpless, scouring the internet for a solution or some kind of light and the end of this tunnel.

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